Top Renovations That Add the Most Value to Your Home Today

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Everyone wants the best values in life, and home improvement or renovations are no exception. If you’re going to start a home makeover, you want the top renovations for added value (and comfort). Beyond visual appeal, many home renovations better your house for the present and near future use. But what about the distant future when you potentially decide to sell your home? For your next improvement project, it’s important to consider home renovations that add value for the long term. The top 3 renovations that increase home value are all exterior renovations; check out these popular renovation projects people are making from Cobb County and Sandy Springs to Roswell and further north!

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#1: Garage Door Replacement

Norm Hughes Garage
Garage door replacements clock in at #1 for home renovations with the best ROI (Return on Investment) with an average of about 194% cost recouped! Upgrading your garage door to a more modern look improves curb appeal and is one of the best renovations that increases home value.

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#2: Give Your Entry Door an Upgrade

Norm Hughes Entry Door
The first impression of your home begins when you step through the front door. Why not make it stylish and unique? Any entry door renovation will modernize your home, but choosing a steel door specifically offers more than just improved curb appeal; it improves insulation! This results in better energy efficiency and reduced A/C costs. The typical ROI for a steel entry door replacement is roughly 188%, so this investment is well worth it!

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#3: Incorporate Stone Veneer

Norm Hughes Stone
Add personality and detail to your home when you implement stone veneer into the exterior design. Stone veneer instantly gives your home a fresh, modern look. And the benefits go way beyond just aesthetic ones – the average ROI is about 153%! Make your home stand out from the rest AND invest in your future with this valuable home remodeling project.

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