Exterior Home Renovations to Fix Outdated Curb Appeal

Exterior Renovations by Norm Hughes Homes in Atlanta

You may be living in 2024, but what year is your home living in? Outdated curb appeal can make your home look like it belongs in the past, especially if it showcases unforgettable trends like an all-brown exterior from the 1980s. No need to panic! We can help bring your curb appeal to the present to make your dream come to life and increase your home resale value in metro Atlanta. If your house could use some modern updates and TLC, check out these ideas for exterior home renovations to fix outdated curb appeal!

Update the Color Scheme

Upgrade your curb appeal with modern colors

Certain design choices that were popular back in the day, such as mismatched brick or an all-brown exterior, can easily make your home look outdated. Try repainting with more modern colors that pop! Pairing contrasting colors like black and white makes your home exterior stand out. Tip: paint colors look much different in person compared to what you see online, so always make sure to get paint samples and try them out yourself.

Enhance Your Front Porch or Deck

Porch and Patio Remodeling

Is it time to remodel your porch or deck? Our team at Norm Hughes Homes would love to help bring your vision to life. Replace those bushes with a stylish sitting area, complete with modern accents, waterproof couches, a coffee table, and a fireplace. Giving your porch or deck a new look not only enhances the aesthetics but also creates another place to relax with family and friends. Check out other ideas to revamp your outdoor living space!

Add Exterior Details for a Modern Finish

Exterior details for a modern finish

A little can go a long way, and this couldn’t be more true for exterior details. For accents that leave a lasting impression, incorporate contrasting exterior trim for beautiful curb appeal! This can apply to shutters, banisters, columns, window trim, and more. Try a textured accent material, such as brick, to instantly upgrade your home exterior.

Remodel the Entrance to Your Home

Home remodeling in Atlanta

Your front door is more than just an entryway; it’s a chance to make a statement. Turn your front door into a beautiful focal point of your home! Hidden doorways are out, and eye-catching, unique front entrances are in. Consider incorporating bold colors, adding contemporary light fixtures, using sleek metal finishes, and creating an arched doorway that showcases your style.

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