Create Your Dream All-Season Porch Remodel

large open porch

A wise man once said that it did not matter if something was true, only “if I believe it to be true”. While this moral debate provides fodder for high-brow porch conversations, one thing that can’t be denied is the limited use of back decks and porches in some climates. You may choose to stare in disbelief while mosquitoes take their dinner at the expense of your circulatory system, but the truth that you’re being bitten will stand on its own and the itchy red swell left behind will be a fairly good reminder of the event. With that in mind, let’s look at some beautiful and comfortable ways to enjoy any climate from the controlled space of an enclosed, all-season back deck or porch remodel (escaping flying teeth as well as harsher elements).

An all season porch remodel with fireplace

The Build-out

While a basic deck is a great way to get your feet and your stuff off the ground, an enclosed patio, enclosed deck, or enclosed porch brings the comforts of A/C & heat to the scene(ery). Extensions of existing HVAC systems to your enclosed porch, or a new mini-split system for your room-with-a-view, will set you up with climate controlled sitting space that all your friends and neighbors will envy.  While you’re planning your build-out (and, of course, we will help), consider using bifold doors, sliding windows, or other ways to open your space up when weather permits. Modern options for this kind of buildout even include attractive garage door style openings, making walls practically disappear when you don’t want them. Look at this model 8850 glass door setup from manufacturer Wayne Dalton, for example.

 Photo Credit: Wayne Dalton Enclosed patio

Photo Credit: Wayne Dalton

Beyond walls that disappear, are walls that are installed to look like they’ve always been there, an original part of your home’s construction. If you’re in a community with an HOA, this is usually a game changer for approval and allows for easy sign-off for your local board to work with you on this great upgrade.

Add-ons, Both Tech and Savvy

Any Pinterest board worth its weight in advertisements and animated gifs regarding back porches and enclosed spaces will feature idea after idea for ways to outfit your new living space. From televisions that hang over stacked stone fireplaces, or ones that pop-up out of furniture, or hide behind flipping panels, to embedded stereo systems, electrical outlets, and food/beverage service – your new enclosed living space can be the epicenter of entertainment for friends and family, or a peaceful retreat from a hard days work. Send us a note with your favorite ideas and a budget, and we’ll respond kindly with how we think we can best meet your needs. Our contact Information can be found here.

I For One, Believe in Comfort

No matter your choice in exterior finishes for your new all-season porch or patio remodel (or the tech you outfit the interior with), there’s no denying that keeping the mosquitoes, varmints, and mother nature at bay while you enjoy your afternoon read, drink, snack, or nap is comfort we can all appreciate. Like a mini-vacation, your personal oasis of comfort and peace will await your every arrival, offering perfect temps and conditions for your brand of relaxation.

Reach out to us today and see what kind of options we can offer you, matching the exterior of your home, your roof, and your style with a modern enclosed porch to enjoy for years to come.