Spring Lawn Care Tips for North Atlanta

Lawn care tips for Zone8a in North Atlanta ©SingjaiStocker

Spring has come to Atlanta, GA, and we’ve got the lawn care tips you’re looking for! Which hardiness zone does Atlanta fall into? Most of metro Atlanta is in Zone 7b or Zone 8a for plant hardiness. This is important because your area’s zone determines what you can plant, when you can plant, and when to plan certain lawn and yard maintenance. Boost your home’s curb appeal with these easy spring lawn care tips for the 400 corridor from Sandy Springs to Cumming – aka Zone 8a!

De-Winterize Your Lawn

De-winterize your front yard by removing debris ©Peter Kniez

You’ve heard of winterizing, but what about de-winterizing? The first step in your spring gardening plans is to clean up your outdoor space and give your lawn the best chance at thriving. Cleaning up improves your front yard curb appeal and gives an instant boost to your home’s exterior! Try these simple tips to get started:

  • Remove any debris, including leaves and fallen branches. You can easily do this with a dethatching rake.
  • Cut or remove dead branches to promote new growth and discourage pests.
  • Clear out the yard to allow sunlight to reach the grass and prevent pests and disease.


Aerate, Overseed, and Fertilize

Tips for aerating, fertilizing, and overseeding your lawn ©Kamil Macniak

Now that your lawn is clear, you can begin general spring maintenance. The grass in your front yard is one of the key factors in your home’s curb appeal.

Aerate If Necessary

  • For warm-season grasses, this is a good time to aerate to allow water, nutrients, and oxygen deeper into the soil.
  • The best time to aerate is after a light rain when the soil is moist.
  • Try to aerate once a year.

Overseed for Warm-Season Grasses

  • You can choose to overseed in the spring to promote growth, fill out thinner patches, and make your lawn thicker.
  • Warm-season grasses like to be overseeded in the spring, whereas cool-season grasses prefer the fall.

When to Fertilize for Zone 8

  • Wait until your grass has started growing again before fertilizing.
  • In Zone 8, this typically means fertilizing your yard in late spring.
  • Fertilizing should be a slow and steady process, not a race. Use a granular slow-release high-nitrogen fertilizer to provide your grass with the nutrients it needs without burning it.
  • Use a spreader to ensure even distribution.


Mowing and Weeding to Increase Curb Appeal

Mow and weed your lawn to keep it healthy and improve your home's curb appeal ©Tretyakov Viktor

Mow and Scalp Your Lawn

If your lawn is in serious need of a fresh start, consider scalping it to encourage faster growth and remove built-up thatch. The best time to scalp your lawn is between early March and mid-April for Zone 8.

  • Before mowing, research your specific grass type to see how tall your grass needs to be. In general, aim to keep your lawn two inches tall for spring.
  • Ensure that the lawnmower blades are clean and sharp.
  • Mow when the grass is dry, not wet. It’s best to mow in the late morning so the grass has enough time to absorb the dew before the high afternoon temperatures hit.


Be Proactive With Weeds

With all the golf courses and green space around North Fulton and East Cobb, you’re bound to have something you didn’t plant growing in your yard each year. Removing and preventing weeds will keep your lawn healthy and happy and improve your exterior aesthetics. If your home enjoys the ever-present Bermuda sod around busy Atlanta neighborhoods as its main turf, you’ll find that products such as Image do a great job at controlling weeds while not killing your grass. Green, weedless lawns are always pleasant to the eyes while sitting on your back deck enjoying a cool drink! If you want to take your exterior up a notch, check out our portfolio of exterior renovations to get inspired.

  • Treat your lawn with pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides (click here for alternative herbicide ideas if you prefer an organic route).
  • Research the most common weeds in your area and how to get rid of them effectively.


Upgrade Your Front Yard Curb Appeal This Spring

Exterior remodeling in North Atlanta

Now that you’ve implemented these lawn care tips for spring, take the time to assess your other outdoor spaces. Is your patio open and inviting? Does your porch need a little love to boost its curb appeal? Spending time outside is better when you’re relaxing in a space that you love. Norm Hughes Homes is known for top-quality interior and exterior renovations, in addition to building custom homes, all around metro Atlanta. We can help bring your renovation visions to life so you can enjoy your home to the fullest. Call us today for a free consultation!