Sandy Springs Professional Bathroom Remodeling Company Describes The Benefits Of A Well Designed Master Bathroom


Ever wanted a bathroom you could just call your own? No waiting in line, no fighting over who gets to use which fixture first or cleaning up after messy children. A master bathroom has become a major selling point for most modern homes. This useful room adjoining the main bedroom is not only convenient but allows the homes main patrons to have a private space where they can express themselves because these room are rarely seen by guests or other family members. The master bath can be a modest bath placed next to the bedroom for convenience or a large more expansive suite that includes a dressing room, closet, an exercise area and sometimes even a deck, veranda or private garden. Not only will adding a master bath increase the dollar value of your home, based upon trends in home renovations, a well-designed master bathroom is often a smart long-term investment to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. When planning out the design of a master bathroom your daily habits, its size and layout, your choice of fixtures and storage play an integral role to the appeal and functionality of the facility.

Where having a family is concerned, a master bathroom offers the adult homeowner a private retreat that lends itself to luxurious amenities, materials and features. Creative planning and special care should be given to this important aspect of adult life where one can escape the insanities of the household and unwind from the tensions of the workday. The good part about your children getting older is that they will eventually leave home and go off to college or university. If you are an empty-nester with only a main family bathroom, you may be able to create a home sanctuary by borrowing space through transforming an adjacent unused bedroom into a master bath and create the luxurious private master suite you have always wanted.

The layout of your master bathroom will be determined by usage timelines and how comfortable you feel with your significant other; therefore, designing a master bath that will successfully serve the needs of two people requires good communication. Couples with different work schedule might prefer to separate the bedroom from the bathroom with a door to reduce noise when using the facility. More liberal couples would enjoy the openness of a large multi-head shower or the togetherness of a deep-soaking oversized bathtub with a hand-held shower in their master bathroom. Remember that details such as individual towel bars, robe hooks and double sinks all contribute to the ease of use and accessibility of the facility when two people are trying to get ready at the same time in the morning and makes the space a pleasure to share.

People in general are habitual creatures and couples need to discuss how their daily habits and preferences will affect the style and layout of the facility when coming up with a design plan for their master bathroom. Carefully planning a master bathroom creates islands of privacy. Couples that value their privacy would more than likely prefer some type of separation between the toilet, vanity and bathing area. You can design a separate yet adjacent his-and-her-bathroom where you can divide some of the facilities between the two areas such as a shower in one and a bathtub in the other. Creating his and her zones that can be accessed by a pocket or sliding door creates privacy yet allows the fixtures to remain accessible when needed.

As all professional bathroom designers know, compartments increase functionality in a bathroom so that more people can use the space at the same time. Keep in mind that compartmenting your master bath requires more space and construction materials than does an open bathroom layout. Take into account the entry and exit patterns of your bathroom and make sure each zone has its own entry point. Consequently, compartmentalization may require extensive remodeling that may or may not be worth the effort, so don’t be sold on this concept as just a fashionable thing to do. To speed up time spent in the bathroom by couples at the same time, a simple solution for a two-person master bath is to have his and her console-style sinks positioned on opposite sides of a partition wall so that each person has their own private space for grooming.

With enough space and ample storage for each person, master bathrooms can be a convenient space for two people to use. At minimum, a six by ten-foot space that houses a toilet, tub and single vanity may be all you need. Conversely, when planning or decorating your master bathroom, remember that any additional features added to the room will increase the amount of space required. And don’t forget that the more unusual the layout, the greater the chance that a potential buyer won’t have your same design tastes as you so selling your home might take longer or not happen at all.

A master bathroom is your personal space that can be turned into a home spa or inner sanctuary. Unlike a half-bath designed for single usage a master bathroom is usually designed for two. The space can be personalized with lavish surfaces such as stone and decorator tile to create a sanctuary for the owners of the house. If money is an issue you can opt-in for colorful laminate and ceramic tile to create a luxurious master bathroom on a budget. It’s important not to scrimp on counter space and storage in the master bath. Consider each user separately and determine which would be more suitable for storage: drawers or shelves? Use, functionality and preference should determine which bathroom furniture to add to your master bathroom not just following the trends.

Whether you are looking to upgrade or completely renovate your master bathroom the professionals at Norm Hughes Homes in Sandy Springs, Georgia will work with you to create a bathroom that fits all of your needs and budget.