Norcross Custom Builder Describes Popular Custom Home Trends

A recent survey by Custom Builder Magazine paints a picture of the home buyers driving the nation’s custom home market—Baby Boomers–and the amenities that are important to their dream homes. The Boomer home buyers are like many in Atlanta, Georgia who are looking to build custom homes in or around Norcross, Georgia. Their sheer numbers make Baby Boomers significant to the custom home market, in addition to the fact that the 45-55 year-old segment of Boomers are right now at their peak earning years. If you are a Boomer, according to the survey, your group is as diverse in its luxury home needs as it is in its age range. There are the high-earners among you looking to move up to their dream home, and there are retirees downsizing to new custom built homes. Many of you seek vacation and weekend houses, and many are also interested in green buildingNorm Hughes Homes can meet all your expectations.

One thing about the home buying group highlighted by the survey is that many of you want custom homes that can accommodate caring for elderly family members. Of course, this is a great concern for Boomers, since your parents are living longer. And as the nation’s healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, bringing your parents to live with you is sometimes your only option. The economic downturn has also produced many multigenerational households. Responding to this trend, Norcross custom home builder, Norm Hughes Homes, designs many of our custom homes to include in-law suites.

Of course, we don’t need a report to tell us that our customers seek to personalize their rooms for individual lifestyles. As a result, some of today’s most popular custom built home features include his and hers officeshome theatresoutdoor kitchens and living spaces.