Living In Your Home During A Professional Home Remodeling in Dunwoody, Norcross, and Roswell, Georgia


Getting over the no kitchen blues:

Surviving without a kitchen is not easy, especially when you have a family of hungry children. But some homeowners decide to stay in their home while Norm Hughes Homes does their kitchen remodel.

One Alpharetta, Georgia homeowners’ secret: lots of microwave and slow cooker meals. One thing that can save the day is if the kids are back in school during the time where they have no full kitchen.

If the children are in school the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about all three meals for all the kids. Breakfast is easy — toast, cereal or oatmeal in the microwave. For lunch, the older kids would be in school so there would only have to be the younger kids to worry about.

Make as many decisions up front as you can:

Get all the plans and specifications done beforehand.

Norm Hughes Homes always works with our customers to finalize all the specifics.

At the same time, when one of our customers is living in the house, they are accessible for us when there was a question.

Being onsite makes it easy to meet with us and our customers don’t have to pack up the kids to go talk to us for 15 minutes.”

Think safety:

When you are living in your home during a remodel, safety comes first. Keeping the worksite as clean as possible is important.

Overall, living in your home during a remodel is not easy. It will take patience and a good attitude.

Other clients have opted to staying with family or rent an apartment or other temporary housing while their remodel is being done. There are advantages to this also. The cost of having to move the family can be a factor as well as the time and adjustment of children.

Whatever our customers decide is best for them always works out well. Even though remodeling can be somewhat stressful, Norm Hughes Homes is dedicated to making the whole experience for our Alpharetta, Georgia customers smooth and worry free. Our experts know what it takes to get the beautiful results our customers expect. Whether they’re in Alpharetta or another part of Metro Atlanta, our client’s satisfaction is always our top priority.

The beautiful results of a new kitchen, bath, basement or deck will make it all worth it in the end.