Johns Creek Professional Home Remodeling Introduces The Top Den Design Trends Of 2012


Each year Norm Hughes Homes follows the break through innovations and must-have trends for residential homes in the world of architecture. Through these trends the beloved living room has been split into two separate entities creating the gathering room and the den. The gathering room has been primarily used to entertain guests, while the den is the more casual and relaxing space the family spends a great deal of time in. This year the den is taking on two major design trends, a more open plan which then leads to an outdoor room. Our Johns Creek Georgia customers are showing an interest in the den remodel as a way to make homes more livable and entertainment oriented.

As open floor plans increase in popularity you will notice the home den becoming larger. As the den begins to open up it will become an even more multifunctional space. Creating a large, open, relaxing atmosphere will allow additional activities to take place in the space right along with family time. In addition to opening up on the inside, dens will open into extended outdoor rooms. We are slowly seeing more and more rooms such as the kitchen and living rooms opening into the outdoors and the den will follow. Homeowners are staying home to entertain now more than ever, and allowing rooms to open to the outside increases the overall space for extraordinary entertaining.

If you are ready to remodel your den into a more open space and/or open up your main living area the professionals at Norm Hughes Homes in Johns Creek Georgia are ready to assist you in making your dream home a reality.