Build Your Self-care Paradise with a Spa-Like Bathroom Remodel

Steam showers, whirlpool tubs, and accommodations that make every visit feel like the luxury was hand-designed just for you – is this a trip to a five-star resort? No, it’s the everyday vacation you can experience when you remodel your bathroom into a spa-like retreat! For value right now and in the future, a bathroom remodel changes one of the spaces you use the most in your home into a fresh, desirable, relaxing oasis. The possibilities are endless – so here are just a few options that Norm Hughes Homes can install that will help you envision what’s possible for your bathroom remodel!

A Steam shower in a georgia alpharetta spa bathroom remodel

Installing Steam Showers

A steam shower or steam bath is an exceptional addition to your master bathroom remodel if you’re seeking to add real, spa-quality experiences to your daily routine. Consisting of a steam generator and a sealed stall at its most basic, there are steam shower models that fit into standard pre-existing tub spaces, or that can be custom-built for your perfect bathroom. Steam showers by themselves provide all the relaxation of a nice hot shower – with much less water usage. However, if you’re looking to create an even more luxurious shower experience, upgrades like massage jets, rainfall shower heads, aromatherapy add-ons, and programmable lights are all possibilities! Materials vary as well – do you want a smooth, cool marble tile to line the walls of your steam shower, or would you prefer a sauna-inspired wood paneling for the comfortable seats in your steamy new oasis? The choice is all yours.

A soaking tub and steam shower in a remodeled bathroom remodeling

An Easy Upgrade: Soaking and Whirlpool Tubs

If, instead, you prefer a good long soak, an upgraded tub is the classic choice. The question is, do you want to go with classic luxury or all-out engineering with all the bells and whistles? Soaking tubs are the latest luxury bathroom upgrade – simple and elegant. Whirlpool tubs, on the other hand, offer hydrotherapeutic benefits that can’t be denied.

A soaking tub is a thing of beauty. Simple drop-in soaking tubs can be found in any length you need, and the designs of free-standing soaking tubs range from elegant and traditional to modern and unique. Looking for a giant clawfoot tub that feels like a fairytale setpiece? How about a modern masterpiece carved from a single block of stone? Just an elegant fiberglass tub that is the perfect length to accommodate even the tallest head of household? They’re all possibilities.

Whirlpool tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from standard tub footprints to spacious and interesting geometric configurations. As part of a bathroom remodel, maybe you want to make space for a larger tub – it’s simple, and there’s a whirlpool tub in a shape that will maximize your comfort and your space. These tubs may require a small plumbing adjustment – not an issue for a remodel team from Norm Hughes Homes – and the therapeutic and relaxation benefits will just keep rolling (kind of like the water jets you’ll soon have!)

Shower with seat and accessibility

Accessibility and Luxury

And, maybe you’re just dreaming of a bathroom that will be comfortable and useful right now and well into the future. Accessibility and comfort go hand in hand – and you have plenty of options for remodeling your bathroom into one that works right for you. Beautiful shower benches offer a place to rest and relax after a long day at work. Zero-entry walk-in showers can be built to almost any size, with no ledge to worry about. And, the latest bath innovations mean you can even enjoy a long soak in total safety and comfort, with a walk-in tub that features a watertight door for easy entry and exit, a seat, and accessible controls for filling and draining the tub.

If any of these spa-inspired upgrades for your bathroom sound like a dream come true, reach out to Norm Hughes Homes today. We’ll give you a quick and easy quote on your dream bathroom remodel, and soon you’ll have a spa-like oasis to enjoy for years and years to come.