Norcross Custom Builder Describes Popular Custom Home Trends

A recent survey by Custom Builder Magazine paints a picture of the home buyers driving the nation’s custom home market—Baby Boomers–and the amenities that are important to their dream homes. The Boomer home buyers are like many in Atlanta, Georgia who are looking to build custom homes in or around Norcross, Georgia. Their sheer numbers […]

Dunwoody Custom Home Builder Presents Premier Custom Homes

In the past the baby boomers made custom builders’ sales really grow. By being born the world in such great numbers they grew into a ready-made market for custom housing. Their desire for an upscale lifestyle spawned entire product lines and businesses that simply didn’t exist during the World War II years. And the media […]

Basement Remodeling Company In Buckhead Georgia Explains The Benefits Of A Finished Basement

Is this the year you’ve promised yourself you’re going to organize your basement once and for all? It’s a noble goal, but difficult for one reason: if you have an unfinished basement, organizing it will always seem like an unfinished project. One way to begin bringing order to your basement–and to begin the process of […]

Duluth Basement Remodeling Company Explains How A Professionally Finished Basement Can Add Value To Your Home

Finished Room and Value When an appraiser considers value, finished space is worth more per square foot than unfinished space. Normally, there is a different value placed on above grade square footage and below grade square footage. Most appraisers will not consider a room finished unless it is heated. There are also different types of […]

Chamblee Professional Home Remodeling Company Answers The Question, What Living Room Flooring Is Right For Me?

When choosing a room in your home to remodel, cost, value, and use are all important. The staff at Norm Hughes Homes in Chamblee Georgia has years of experience in helping our customers chose the best remodeling project for their home and family. Many of our customers in Chamblee Georgia chose to redo their living […]

Johns Creek Professional Home Remodeling Introduces The Top Den Design Trends Of 2012

Each year Norm Hughes Homes follows the break through innovations and must-have trends for residential homes in the world of architecture. Through these trends the beloved living room has been split into two separate entities creating the gathering room and the den. The gathering room has been primarily used to entertain guests, while the den […]

Sandy Springs Professional Bathroom Remodeling Company Describes The Benefits Of A Well Designed Master Bathroom

Ever wanted a bathroom you could just call your own? No waiting in line, no fighting over who gets to use which fixture first or cleaning up after messy children. A master bathroom has become a major selling point for most modern homes. This useful room adjoining the main bedroom is not only convenient but […]

Professional Home Bathroom Remodeling Company In Norcross Explains The Benefits Of Having A Half Bathroom

Norm Hughes Homes has done several half bath remodels in Norcross, Georgia. Half bath design is usually use in small or congested places. But now in many areas people prefer these half bath designs in their homes because it looks very decent and beautiful. If you observe this half bathroom design, it usually consists of […]

Professional Home Remodeling Company In Dunwoody And Chamblee Georgia Explains The Benefits Of Having A Finished Deck

Your Gwinnett County home can be much more inviting, entertaining and a better use of space when you have a deck. A finished deck is also a great way to add value to your home. Porches and decks can be a great addition to your home and allow a place to relax. Norm Hughes Homes […]

Dunwoody Georgia Basement Remodeling Company Explains How A Finished Basement Can Add Value To Your Georgia Home

Each year more than 1 million homeowners finish or remodel their basements, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. But is it a good value for the John’s Creek area? Consider that building an addition or moving and buying a larger home runs about $150 to $200 a square foot. Basement finish […]